American Medical Women Association (AMWA) was established in 1915 for the purpose of promoting and advancement of women in medicine. For nearly a century, AMWA has been an advocate in providing opportunities of women physicians in postgraduate training, academic appointment, hospital administrative positions, scholarships, and paper presentations at professional meetings. AMWA has been actively involved in political lobbying as a national organization regarding women healthcare issues, gender inequalityies issues nationwide, and sex trafficking. AMWA also expanded their advocacy efforts internationally, forming the first international organization of medical women, the Medical Women's International Association (MIWA).

South Bay AMWA has been serving the women physicians of South San Francisco Bay area, including the Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties for many years. It has officially become affiliated with National AMWA in 2011. We encourage advancement of women in medicine through networking, career counseling, volunteering in communities, mentoring, social support and continuing medical education.