Current Issue

Dec 1, 2023

Dear members,

The November 30 event was so FABULOUS! 68 attendees, 15 sponsorship tables, silent auction, raffle of prizes and so much more. Every sponsor said they loved our event and would sponsor us again!

We had a little issue with the microphones but NEXT year!

The topic of Women in Medicine was a great hit! All the sponsors were energized by our speakers.

Speakers: Lynne Bui MD, Gloria Wu MD, Dr Lakshmi Myneni, Dr Lin shei Li, Dr Tina Baykaner (Stanford), Dr Jothi Murali, Ms Angel Chen (Bank of America). Awardee: Dr Shefali Miller, Momentum Health

We had 4 spouses: Spouse of Maia Chakerian, Neema Malhotra and Dipa Patel, Sullochina Lula. But 68 attendees--double the attendance of 2022!

We are on a roll, Ladies!

See you in 2024-First meeting Jan 19, 2024.

Thus far:

January events: Jan 14 with Dr Maia Chakerian
Jan 20 Bank of America and Interest rates and SBA loans, Part 1
Jan 27 Lunar New Year party with Dr Gloria Wu, Scott Bobo CFA on stock tips
Feb 16 Hoge Fenton Employment Law and Julie Wann JD
March 11, Bank of America Part 2- how to buy Commercial Real Estate
April 7 with Dr Melinda Costa
May 2 Dr Fahd Khan Medtronics and Parkinson’s
May 11 Dr Lillian Soohoo
May 18 Dr Barbi Phelps Part 1-pelvic floor
June 8 Dr Barbi Phelps Part 2-pelvic floor
June 22 Bank of America
July 15 Wine and Cheese with Dr Gloria Wu
Aug 17 Le Papillon Grail Bio
Aug 22 Longhealth Alexanders Steak house
Sept 22 Bank of America Aging
Oct 27 Grail Bio Ovarian Ca and public education
Nov 30 Annual Meeting Women in Medicine, by, for, about

PS Gloria Wu MD will be the incoming Santa Clara County Medical Association President for 2024, The Gala is Dec 8, 2023 at the Westin Hotel on Market Street in San Jose. Hope you will come and cheer.

Gloria Wu MD and Lynne Bui MD